Monday, December 31, 2018

A Happy New Year

Heart-felt wishes for a good year of 2019 to you all!

I hand-colored this beautiful Kelly art several years ago as part of my tribute to his 100th birthday, and, well, it kinda says it all.


  1. Very tasteful colours, Thom!

    It is evident that two artists have contributed to a fine peace of art.

    Returning your wishes to you and your loved ones from deep in my heart


  2. Thanks, Hun! You've been a swell cyber pal over the years! All the best to you and yours in '19!

  3. You've captured the feeling of winter here where I am. The sun has appeared about twice in the past month. Yet the critturs in the swamp are happy and that is contagious, like smiles.

    I'm happy to see you're back and well. I've been poking around the gallery without comment for about four years. I've loved Kelly since he started Pogo. I didn't know who he was when I saw Dumbo in the theater in 1941 but I fell in love with the artwork and wanted more.

    And I discovered your place! My first thought was to start at the beginning an work my way forward which worked for a while. But there are so many corridors in the gallery that I got completely sidetracked.

    I was afraid something had happened to you when the posting stopped in May.

    I'm glad it wad computer problems and not personal ones (health, etc.).

    Here's wishes for a happy and joyful new year to you and yours and gracious thanks for all of your beautiful work.


  4. Well, thank YOU, oke, for leaving such a nice comment. Comments help keep me posting, knowing I'm not yelling into the wind, so to speak. So glad to have you around!

  5. This is beautiful! I love seeing you post "collaborations" like this or other work of your own. It took a while for me to realize that you're not only a curator of great art on the internet, but a great artist yourself, but I finally did. Keep on doing your thing(s), it's greatly appreciated!
    I dabbled in and failed a lot at (water-)coloring some of my drawings lately, so seeing it done right really helps me to get going again. I will never become a painter, but I would love to become a better colorist. Well, it's a new year anyway, might as well use it.

    1. 'Tis a fine ambition to paint for one's own sake, to dabble and splatter as you may. Failure is a relative term that shouldn't deter any of us from enjoying the process of art. Keep dabbling, you're likely to fan a blaze of creativity!