Sunday, April 21, 2019

All Yo' Problems Razed

I don't think I've seen Miss Loubelline and Cousin Pinhead before. A pinhead before Zippy.

Something to fill in on a 1962 Saturday away from continuity.

April 21, 1962

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  1. _Really_ away from continuity. Not only is it not in the book, but if you try to fit it into the same sequence it's hard to see how Churchy can think he has all his problems "razed." An' I never heard of Loubelline and Pinhead either.

    I see Kelly knew how to write an old-style cursive tall "s": the bottom loop goes the other way from the one on the "f" (which people often assimilate it to when they're trying to imitate the writing style orally, as in "purfuit of happineff").