Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Gole-Brinkin', Lily-Livered Poop-Com-Nins

Have you noticed that every few panels Churchy's fake mustachio disappears and then appears again? I don't know if this was 'carelessness' on the part of Kelly, or he was just having fun with the surrealism inherent in the cartooning medium (ala Krazy Kat).

April 9, 1962

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  1. No, I hadn't noticed! But this strip is included in Deck Us All, and in the book the missing mustache has been filled in. So I'd guess it was carelessness that Kelly fixed later -- unless it was fun that he changed his mind about.

    Now you make me want to go back and look at all the strips you've posted in this sequence and see how often the mustache is missing. The book always has it.