Sunday, April 28, 2019

Dagnag the Dagnaggin' Dagnaggers!

Porkypine IS a ol' prickle pear, isn't he . . .

Actually, so was Kelly . . .

April 28, 1962


  1. Last strip in the book Deck Us All With Boston Charlie. I'm curious what comes next -- there may still be some strips to pick up from the previous book The Pogo Puce Stamp Catalog.

  2. When Porky says, "You hearn me the first time!" does he mean:

    "I said these were for you [panel 3] and I shouldn't have to repeat it"

    -- or --

    "You weren't supposed to overhear what I said to myself [panel 1]"

    -- ? It works either way, more or less. But I suspect my first option is the right one (if there is a right one) because Miz Beaver's "I betcha" implies she's only guessing and didn't actually hear what Porky said in panel 1.

  3. Yep, my take on it is, "I said these were for you and I shouldn't have to repeat it." He's a ol' prickle pear and doesn't want to hurt her feelings