Sunday, May 1, 2016

Advice on Feeding Dragons

Wheeee, we're back in the Sunday strip business for some time to come! Even if they are strips you'll recognize from the Fantagraphics volumes, these are gen-you-wine tear sheet scans that you'll be seeing for weeks and months to come, thanks to the generosity of David Burd. 

David has scanned more of the early tear sheets that were originally in the collection of his friend, the late Tony Peters. I'll tell you more about that collection soon, but in the meantime, David scanned a bunch of strips in two pieces, sending them to me raw. I stitch them together and do some clean-up editing and wah-lah, we see these strips as they were seen in newspapers some 64 years ago!

At some point in the future I believe we will emerge beyond the Fantagraphics limits, but in the meantime please enjoy the color and feel of newsprint from some of Kelly's best years. And not to worry, I will still continue the run of 1965 dailies that I've been falling behind on posting.

Long Live Kelly!!!

February 10, 1952


  1. Thom,
    I like your colors much better than the Fantagraphics ones (which are kind of garish according to my taste)
    Any goodies you manage to distribute are more than welcome in this vicinity.
    Thanks to you (both!)

  2. Hun, I love the Fantagraphic volumes for their efforts and completeness and...well...just for getting out there and doing what they've done, and can only hope that they'll somehow continue. But yes, there is nothing quite like the early newspaper color and I'm really glad to be able to reconstruct it Thanks, Hun, LLK!

  3. Interesting to hear of Tony Peters here. I think the only thing I remember him for was his involvement in writing this one cartoon for Howard Post while he worked at Paramount in the mid 60's. It's quite a doozy...