Sunday, May 15, 2016

Pogo by Pretzel Pflug

I jes' loves it when the cast gets to wear silly hats and and act out furry tails and mess with enchanted dragons and such. This period of Kelly's work is, bar none, my favorite (even over Prehysterical Pogo). And I love seeing this stuff straight from newsprint tear sheets! 

What a treat!

February 24, 1952

For anyone interested, some of Kelly's favorite people were newspapermen, so the Hon. Felix McKnight appears to be this fellow:


  1. Some of us have made the mistake of marrying the dragon. Good luck, Pogo!

  2. Oh, the colors! Beautiful! Just the thing to match the juicy linework. Thanks for continuing to spread the Kelly-ness! Always a treat to visit this wonderful blog.

  3. I love all the comments and commenters on this blog, but Jannes, this one tickles me pink!