Sunday, May 29, 2016

Never Argue with a Furry Godmomma

Over the years, Kelly cast the 3 blind mice into a lot of stories and strips, even if they turned out to be the 3 bears, and really they wasn't allus very blind.

Even if in later years we loved seeing the variant trees in the opening panels, it was nice to see other stuff in the opening panels of early strips, and with lovely colors no less.

March 9, 1952


  1. By the last panel it starts to look as if WK himself needed to walk out the door to figure how to work this out...
    Amazing how many fairy tale connections he managed to incorporate in this arc

    LLK and TTHB !


  2. Hun, I'm also convinced that Kelly made up his stories panel by panel, never quite sure what the next panel will bring.