Monday, October 31, 2016

Wow! Everybody's Talkin' About It!

Kelly knew when we needed a break from tomfoolery by giving us a cute intermission, enchanting us with charming characters and charming dialogue. 

Meanwhile, the subject of a character index has surfaced, making me wonder if this bunny would be listed as: 

Beast, man-eatin' 
Beast, bug-eatin' 

By the way, regarding an index of characters, did ya happen ta notice that I've been assembling a resemblance of one, bit by bit, over there on the right?  For what it's worth...

July 13, 1952

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  1. Yep, I noticed that index-in-progress sometime back. It's been useful sometimes, though it didn't help me find Mallard de Mer -- but by dumb luck I just ran across him a few minutes ago, in the first S&S book, Pogo, in the chapter that introduces the 3 bats.

    This rabbit and pair of bugs seem unfamiliar to me. The 2 bugs seem to have as much trouble telling themselves apart as the 3 bats do.

    As to the rabbit (not Bun Rab, I think? nor P.T.'s variously-named assistant?), Beauregard denies that he's a man-eater, and he and the rabbit both seem in doubt about "beast," so mebbe he's just a bug-eatin' rabbit. Or mebbe: "Beast, man-eatin': see rabbit, bug-eatin'"....

    Is the rabbit mixed up about what happened when the bomb went off? Or did the porkypine, the mouse, and the bear trap get blasted out of Albert's innards when we weren't looking?